Directorate of Youth Functions Directorate of Youth Functions

Aims to empower the youth through capacity building and provide opportunities for the youth to develop relevant life skills to enable them to become responsible and self-reliant members of the community.


To empower the youth through entrepreneurship training, youth employ ability, skills development and promote active youth participation through conducive platforms and responsive youth programmes.


  • To review policy on youth enterprise promotion program;
  • To formulate and implement youth employment policy;
  • To establish local schools, community and industry partnerships;
  • To develop and manage a youth database system;
  • To collaborate in the development of infrastructure with division of planning; and
  • To consult meeting with the regional staff on strategic plan


Youth Empowerment Programme

The Ministry has five (5) youth development skills training centres, namely; Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Center in Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa region, Kai//ganaxab Youth Skills Training Center in Mariental, Hardap region, Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre in Divundu,  Kavango-East region, Okahao Youth Skills Training Center in Okahao, Omusati region and Farm Du Plessis Skills Training Center in Omaheke region.

The objective of these training centers is to impart skills to out-of-school and unemployed young people who do not meet the basic entry requirements of conventional vocational training centers and are unable to obtain employment due to lack of requisite qualifications.

Admission requirements is out of school and unemployed young people. A tuition fee of N$ 300 to N$ 700 is payable upon registration and application forms are available at all Regional Council Offices as well as youth offices/centers countrywide. The duration of the training is one (1) year.

Namibia Youth Credit Scheme

The Namibian Youth Credit Scheme (NYCS) targets Namibian youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years and is a loan guarantee program aimed at providing financial support to youth that do not have adequate collateral to access loans from the mainstream banking system. The loans offered ranges from N$ 2 000 – N$ 20 000 and is repaid back with reasonable interest of not more than 20% of the total amount per loan term. The programme operates through an individual and group lending system respectively. NYCS provides training to beneficiaries in basic management practices, access to credit, follow-up training, counseling and mentoring of beneficiaries.

Youth Health Development

The programme focuses on the health of young people and is executed in collaboration with Namibia Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA) and has culminated in the establishment of Youth Friendly Clinics at Mulch-Purpose Youth Resource Centres. It involves counseling and treatment of young people in aspects such as, family planning, HIV testing, per-testing and post-testing counseling and reproductive and mental health.

Juvenile/Child Justice

The programme aims to support the existing juvenile justice reform effort in Namibia and is done in collaboration with the United Nations National Action Program for Children, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare and the Directorate of Veteran Affairs. It provides life skills training to young people in conflict with the law as referrals and diversion options from courts. It also assists the youth with family life empowerment, monitoring UN Conventions on children, training in life skills, and assistance in children and women in difficult situations.  The activities involves monitoring, pre-trial diversion, assessment and screening, advocacy and legal representation and capacity building and networking.

Environmental Education

The programmes aims to create awareness, knowledge and skills in environmental education and conservation training for the youth. This includes school going, unemployed and out- of- school youth. The programme provides the youth with exposure to practical conservation work and outdoor leadership skills. Participants gain practical experience, environmental awareness and knowledge of community development within Namibia’s most diverse wilderness settings.

Rural Youth Development

The programme aims to empower young people in the rural areas to acquire basic knowledge and skills through practical experiences and activity based learning. It contributes to their ability to make economically rewarding lives for themselves and their family links. The Rural Youth Program focuses on informal education and training to better the livelihood of the rural youth through experiential learning, life skills development and lifelong learning activities.

Youth Volunteers

The programme exposes the youth to practical experience in a working environment through attachments to provide them the opportunity to acquire both short to long-term employment opportunities. This initiative aims at fulfilling the desired competency level and work exposure among the unemployed youth. The programme places youth volunteers with the necessary skills at various centers and district offices to render the required services subject to their educational levels and competencies.

Youth Gender

The programme aims to engage young men and women in activities aimed at empowering the youth to become more responsible citizen and contribute to the development of the country.  The programme aims to attain and sustain development among the young people to the greatest extent possible. This is done through the education of the youth gender issues that empower them to rise as key contributors to the well-being of their societies.

Youth Exchange Programme and Hosteling 

Hosteling in Namibia remains an important programme component that continues to provide low cost, clean, short-term accommodation to both local and international young travelers during their recreational, educational and exchange programme.

Management: Directorate of Youth Management: Directorate of Youth

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Deputy Director: Youth Employment and Training
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Deputy Director: Youth Resource Coordination, Programmes and Administration
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Youth Skills Training Centre Youth Skills Training Centre


The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service has five (5) main youth skills training centres, namely; Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre in Otjozondjupa region, Kai//ganaxab Youth Skills Training Centre in Hardap, Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre in Kavango-East,  Okahao Youth Skills Training Centre in Omusati region and Farm Du Plessis in Omaheke region.

These training centres were established to impart skills to out-of-school and unemployed young people who do not meet the basic entry requirements of conventional Vocational Training Centres. Young people enrolled at these skills training centres are trained in various trades in order to become employable or self-employed using the acquired skills.


  • To recognize education and training as a lifelong process and emphasize the needs for quality education and training that is relevant so that all young people are socially and economically productive towards national development.
  • To improve access and opportunities for skills and entrepreneurship training for young people.
  • To involve private sector in the education training sector.
  • To establish and promote alternative modes of training for out of school learners and equip them with relevant skills for labour market and self-employment.
  • To emphasize the needs of quality education


  • Out of school youth and unemployed youth.


  • Application forms can be obtained at any youth offices/centres countrywide or at regional council offices.


  • A once off tuition fee of N$ 300 to N$ 700 is payable upon registration.


  • This is a one (1) year face to face programme.


The centre is located 12 km west outside Mariental.

Trades/Courses Offered

  • Bricklaying and Plastering
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Plumbing and Pipe fitting
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Tailoring and Fashion Design
  • Computer and Office Administration


The centre is located 15 km outside Grootfontein on the road to Rundu.

Trades/Courses Offered

  • Horticulture and Vegetable Production
  • Agronomy and Crop Production
  • Nutrition and Food Processing
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Textile Designed Technology
  • Tie and Dye
  • Tailoring, Design and Dressmaking
  • Cosmetology and Hair Dressing


Trades/Courses Offered

  • Tailoring
  • Agriculture
  • Welding
  • Animal Husbandry


Trades/Courses Offered

  • Computer Training
  • Tailoring and Fashion Design
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Office Administration


Trades/Courses Offered

  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Tailoring and Fashion Design
  • Computer Training, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Office Administration