Functions of Divisions Functions of Divisions

Division: General Services

Subdivision: Auxiliary

  • Avail transport and issue trip authority within one (1) day;
  • Ensure that vehicles are road worthy at all times;
  • Forward request to the bank for new and replacement of lost fuel card within a day and provide a new card within a week;
  • Prepare and deliver an order for services and repairs within a week after request received;
  • Scrutinize Government Garage monthly expenditure statements;
  • Scrutinize kilometer returns and fuel usage on a monthly basis;
  • Ensure that correspondence are posted, sorted and delivered on a daily basis;
  • Process purchase order within two working days upon receipt of the approved expenditure requisition form;
  • Verify and submit invoices to the Finance Section within two days after receipt;
  • Attend to procurement request from user departments within seven working days;
  • Evaluate tender document within one month after the closing date;
  • Distribute Procurement Committee (PC) minutes 2 days before meetings;
  • Produce procurement  progress reports on a quarterly basis;
  • Render secretariat services to PC meeting at all times;
  • Maintain office hygiene at all times;
  • Carry out stocktaking once a year and as need arise;
  • Issue and control stock on a daily basis; and
  • Render secretariat services to Directorate meetings.

Subdivision: Human Resource Management

  • Update personal file as per request within 2 working days;
  • Update Human Capital Management System (HCMS) daily;
  • Ensuring that delegated vacant positions are filled within 2 months and undelegated within three (3) months;
  • Facilitate signing and review of Performance Agreement within the given deadline;
  • Attend to request for leave credit days within a day;
  • Attend to misconducts cases within one (1) month of their occurrence;
  • Develop annual training Calendar;
  • Process application for medical aid, Social Security, Home Loan and GIPF within (1) one working day provide all required documents are attached;
  • Respond to grievance within five (5) working days;
  • Process Employees benefit  and Social Security  claims within a day provided that all required documents are attached;
  • Terminate employees services within one (1) working day upon receipt of notification;
  • Interpret Polices and rule on request by staff members right away or within two working days if we cannot provide an answer instantly;
  • Provide requested information to OMAs within the given deadline;
  • Conduct Training Need Analysis (TNA)  after every three years and/or when need arises;
  • Develop the Human Resource Development Plan after every three years;
  • Attend and provide feedback to non-qualifying training request within 7 working days;
  • Attend to qualifying training requests on quarterly basis and provide feedback on application status within 5 working days after training committee meeting;
  • Circulate bilateral agreement courses within a day upon receipt; and
  • Facilitate induction training to appointed/promoted/transferred staff members within one (1) month from the date of assumption of duty.

Division: Finance

  • Prepare and submit the MSYNS budget  within a given deadline;
  • Monitor and control the MSYNS,  expenditure on a monthly basis;
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports on budget execution;
  • Ensure adherence to legal frameworks that guide or regulate procurement at all times;
  • Process DSA and salary advices  within two (2) working days, upon receipt;
  • Process overtime claims within seven (7) working days;
  • Process leave gratuity within a month;
  • Collect, safe keep and bank revenue daily;
  • Request for the release of funds by the 20th of each preceding month for spending;
  • Prepare and submit Annual Report to the Auditor General as per prescribed time frames;
  • Reconcile the Suspense; Expenditure Accounts and revenue ledger on a monthly basis; and
  • Process payments for goods and services within five (5) working days upon receipt of an invoice.

Division: Planning and Development

  • Review and formulate ministerial strategic and development plans after five years intervals;
  • Facilitate the development of the ministerial Strategic Plan two months prior to the expiry of the preceding Strategic Plan according to approved framework;
  • Facilitate the development of the Annual Plan before the end of September of every fiscal year according to approved frameworks;
  • Ensure that implementation of capital projects is aligned to Annual work plan and Strategic plan at all times;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of planned activities on quarterly basis;
  • Prepare monthly monitoring reports on capital projects;
  • Review Strategic Plans at set intervals;
  • Coordinate implementation of decentralization process as per Decentralization Enabling Act, 2000 (Act no.33 of 2000);
  • Prepare capital project budget within the given deadline;
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports on capital budget execution;
  • Provide technical advice to the Ministry at all times;
  • Certify invoices  and submit to finance within 2 working days;
  • Inspect Ministerial facilities monthly; and
  • Attend to emergency/minor maintenance within three hours; major maintenance within three month.

Division: Information and Communication Technology

  • We will handle all request and enquiries within 5 days;
  • Replace hardware component within 3 Months;
  • Continuously monitor and update websites;
  • Continuously monitor network infrastructure;
  • Manage all licenses on a yearly basis or upon expiration;
  • Develop major systems within 2 year and minor systems within 6 months;
  • Ensure connectivity uptime of 98%;
  • Train staff members on new application within six months from the date of implementation;
  • Maintain a virus free environment at all times; and
  • Ensure availability of WIFI at all offices.

Internal Audit Unit

  • Conduct investigation within thirty (30) days as soon as instructed by the Executive Director;
  • Issue written report with findings and recommendations within one (1) month after audit review;
  • Conduct routine Financial and Administration Audits and inspections in accordance with State Finance Act, Treasury Instructions and other legal documents;
  • Conduct follow-up audits on recommended implementations within one (1) month after the agreed time; and
  • Conduct investigations on request within three working days upon receipt of request.

Public Relations Unit

  • Disseminate ministerial information through various platforms at all times;
  • Produce newsletter annually;
  • Continuously update the ministerial website and social media page on Facebook;             
  • Act as the spokesperson for the Ministry at all times;
  • Maintain the image of the Ministry at all times;
  • Continuously create awareness on the Ministry’s programmes and activities through various platforms;
  • Coordinate and attend exhibitions and trade fairs when need arises;
  • Invite media to cover Ministerial events when required;
  • Monitor media reports about the ministry on a daily basis;
  • Respond to media queries within three working days;
  • Produce annual report during the third (3rd) quarter; and
  • Respond to all ad hoc enquiries from the general public within twenty-four (24) hours.

Management : General Services Management : General Services


Ms. Rosalia Tjaveondja
Directorate: General Services
Private Bag 13391
Tel No.: +264 61 - 270 6238
Fax No.: +264 61 -  221 203

Ms. Agnes Hengari
Deputy Director: Finance
Directorate: General Services
Private Bag 13391
Tel No.: +264 61 - 270 6262
Fax No.: +264 61 -  270 6236

Mr. Thimotheus Mukura
Deputy Director
Directorate: General Services
Private Bag 13391
Tel No.: +264 61 270 6212
Fax No.: +264 61 270 6236

Ms. Flora Yambwa
Deputy Director : Planning and Development
Directorate: General Services
Private Bag 13391
Tel No.: +264 61 270 6238
Fax No.: +264 61 270 6236