Directorate of Sport Functions Directorate of Sport Functions

Aims to forge a strong national identity, through outstanding achievements in the sport arena.


  • To build and upgrade sport facilities;
  • To encourage all Namibians in all the regions to participate in the sport codes of their choice;
  • To increase participation in sport;
  • To identify, develop and manage talent;
  • To introduce and incorporate prioritized sport codes in schools and communities;
  • To afford elite athletes opportunities to compete internationally with the aim of them securing professional contract; and
  • To enhance the international image of Namibia through sport.
  • Creation of conducive sporting environment in the regions
  • Preparation and participation in Olympic Games
  • Participation of people with disabilities in sport
  • Provision and maintenance of basic sport facilities in all fourteen (14) regions.
  • Provision of sport equipment.
  • Mobility facilitation through transport provision.
  • Encouragement of excellence in sport
  • Financial assistance to national and international bodies.
  • Establishment of the umbrella body for the people with disabilities.
  • Create educational programmes on the value of sport;
  • Provide regular exposure to international events;
  • Introduce prioritized sport codes in communities;
  • Initiate and coordinate sport policy development;
  • Initiate, coordinate and facilitate the implementation of sport development programmes;
  • Revive and strengthen regional sport committees;
  • Monitor and evaluate the use of government funding/grants to sport associations; and
  • Encourage inter-linkages and networking between all sport organisations.

  • Vision 2016: Athletics Development Programme
  • Westphalia Soccer Programme
  • Wrestling Development Programme
  • Boxing Development Programme
  • School Sport Programme

Management: Directorate of Sport Management: Directorate of Sport

Mr. Edelberth Katamba
Directorate: Sport

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Ms. Johanna Manuel
Deputy Director: Marginalised People and Women in Sport
Directorate: Sport
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Fax: +264 61 -  249 932

Mr. Irvine Ndjavera
Deputy Director: School Sport
Directorate: Sport
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Deputy Director: Community Sport 
Directorate: Sport
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